Using Saturn Cloud

Guides on how to use the powerful functionality of Saturn Cloud

Connect Saturn Cloud to Your Data

Connect data sources such as Snowflake and S3 to your Saturn Cloud account

Using Git Repositories in Saturn Cloud

Add your Git repositories to Saturn Cloud

Create a Dask Cluster

Create and attach a Dask cluster to a Saturn Cloud resource

Create and Use Deployments and Jobs

Saturn can deploy scheduled data pipelines, models, dashboards, and arbitrary web applications

Connect to a Dask Cluster from Outside Saturn Cloud

Connect to a Dask cluster from a local machine or other cloud location

Connect to Saturn Cloud via SSH

Access Saturn Cloud Jupyter servers directly from VSCode, PyCharm, and other tools with an SSH connection

Add Credentials

Add secret credentials in your working environment in order to access tools or data

Managing Images

Create and use Docker images for your workspace


Automatic Shutoff of Jupyter Server resources

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