Using Saturn Cloud

How to use Saturn Cloud for data science


Details on how to create and use specific types of resources

Dispatching Jobs for Research Workflows

Dispatching Jobs to Saturn Cloud for Research Workflows

Massively Parallel Jobs for Research Workflows

Dispatching Massively Parallel Jobs to Saturn Cloud for Research Workflows

Connect to Data

Using data on your Saturn Cloud resources

Git Repositories

Add your Git repositories to Saturn Cloud

Install Packages and Software

Install packages and libraries into a Saturn Cloud resource

Dask Clusters

Create and attach a Dask cluster to a Saturn Cloud resource

Environment Variables

Use environment variables within your resource


Add secrets in your working environment to access your tools or data

SSH Connections

Access Saturn Cloud resources directly from VSCode, PyCharm, and other tools by using an SSH connection


How Saturn Cloud resources automatically turn off after inactivity

Shared Folders

Allow resources to share data with each other


Details on creating and using Saturn Cloud images

Resource Recipes

Store details of a resource or an image in a file for later use

Connect to Dask Externally

Connect to a Dask cluster from a local machine or other cloud location

Billing for Saturn Cloud Hosted

How Billing works for Saturn Cloud Hosted