Move your data science team into the cloud
Without having to switch tools

Move your data science team into the cloud
Without having to switch tools

All the tools and compute you want. And it just works.

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Run analyses, train models, deploy APIs, and more.


Python Servers

Use JupyterLab, or connect PyCharm or VS Code

RStudio Servers

Write R code with the RStudio IDE


Execute code on a schedule or on command


Host dashboards, APIs, and continuously running code

Saturn Cloud runs compute with exactly the hardware, software, and Git repositories you want. You get all the benefits of Docker containers without the fuss.

2 to 128 vCPUs
4GB to 4TB of RAM
0 to 8 vGPUs
Distributed Dask clusters

Just Like your laptop. But with 4 TB of RAM.

Use your existing IDE, with your existing packages, your existing Git repositories and your existing data. Nothing needs to be re-written, moved, or ported. Saturn Cloud supports Jupyter and RStudio out of the box. Once you enable the built-in SSH connection, you can use PyCharm, VS Code and any other tools you want.

Customize our images with any packages you would like. Or build your own images directly in Saturn Cloud—you don't need to know Docker.

Saturn Cloud app
Saturn Cloud app

As much or as little code as you want.

Everything in Saturn Cloud is a few clicks away. Everything you can do in the UI can be done from our API. Infrastructure as code if you want it, and a nice GUI when you don't.

Saturn Cloud runs your docker images with your git repositories. If runs in Saturn Cloud it runs anywhere. This makes integrating Saturn Cloud with the rest of your infrastructure super easy.

Scaling doesn't have to be hard.

Developing on Saturn Cloud is as easy as developing on your laptop. Except your laptop doesn't have 8 GPUs or 4 TB of RAM. Dask makes running parallel experiments super easy. Errors are raised in the notebook, and failures are easy to retry or rerun locally.

Saturn Cloud app
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Designed for teams.

Saturn Cloud lets you collaborate and share resources among a team, snapshot resource settings for future reproducible work, and create dashboards and APIs that external teams can use.

Flexible plans for every data scientist, team, and company.


The essentials for individual data scientists
  • 30 hours a month free of 64GB RAM and GPU instances
  • Use JupyterLab, RStudio, and Dask
  • Upgrade to a paid account for:
    • Deployments and jobs
    • Up to 4TB of RAM and 8 GPUs
    • $20 a month in free credits

Hosted Organizations

Collaboration tools on our cloud environment
  • Share resources between users on a team
  • Create group-owned resources
  • Use admin tools to monitor and control usage


Install Saturn Cloud into your own AWS account
  • Installs into your AWS account from the AWS Marketplace
  • Advanced security: SSO and installation into custom VPCs and private subnets available
  • Dedicated technical support

Trusted by data scientists all over the world

Custom Ink
Mount Sinai
Advent Health
Nestle Vital Proteins

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