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Saturn Cloud is the go-to workspace for data scientists. Have your team collaborate with powerful resources, jobs, deployments, and more.

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Saturn Cloud for the entire data science organization

Data Scientists

Saturn Cloud gives you access to resources like high memory machines, GPUs, and distributed Dask clusters.

Data Science Leaders

Easily manage your team with administrative tools, secure credentials, and usage reporting.

Software Engineers & DevOps

Support your data scientists with a robust infrastructure that runs on your AWS account.

A platform flexible enough for any use-case

Robust language support

Fully integrates with Python and R and all corresponding libraries. You can also install and run any other programming language.

Use a built in IDE or connect with your own

Saturn Cloud comes with JupyterLab and RStudio built in and you can connect externally from VSCode, Google Colab, and more.

Deploy to production

Use job resources to run tasks on a schedule or on demand, and deployments for continuously running dashboards and APIs.

Enterprise ready

Saturn Cloud offers solutions for enterprise, including custom VPCs, private subnets, and SSO with Auth0.

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Choose the plan that's right for you

Hosted Free

30 hours free compute per month
  • 64GB RAM instances
  • GPU instances
  • 3 hours of Dask per month
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Hosted Pro

$20 in free credits a month
(pay per hour after that)
  • Access to more powerful EC2 instance types
  • Deploy models, dashboards, and scheduled jobs

We bill at $10 increments so you're never surprised (Hosted Pro rate sheet)

Start with Pro


Install into your AWS account
  • Installs into your AWS account from the AWS Marketplace.
  • Pay as you go pricing with no upfront cost.
  • Advanced security: SSO and installation into custom VPCs and private subnets available.
  • Dedicated technical support
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