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Join thousands of data scientists creating faster and more scalable Python projects with Dask, GPUs, and more in Saturn Cloud

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Faster, limitless Python with Dask and GPUs on cloud-hosted Jupyter notebooks

We bring an end-to-end infrastructure for data science teams to work more efficiently. Saturn Cloud makes Python data science accessible with scalable computing resources and production deployments, all in the cloud.

Run hosted notebooks on CPUs or T4 and V100 GPUs, including managed Dask clusters for parallelizing code for faster models. Scale up and down and scale across GPUs. Share work and dashboards. Productionize workflows.

Scale Python with GPUs and Dask

Spin up an NVIDIA GPU instance, run your Python code from JupyterLab, and even launch clusters of GPUs with Dask. Saturn Cloud Hosted comes pre-loaded with images for popular deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, as well as NVIDIA RAPIDS, an open GPU data science framework that allows users to accelerate array, dataframe, graph, and stream processing.

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Share Work and Dashboards

Saturn Cloud can deploy scheduled data pipelines, models, dashboards, and arbitrary web applications. With continuosly deployed dashboards, you can stop sending screenshots of dashboards when you can host them in the cloud for everyone to see.

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User-Friendly Infrastructure

Getting up and running on Saturn Cloud is fast and easy. As soon as you sign up, you can create a project in your new account, which will guide you through a full workflow from start to finish. From there add Dask clusters, GPUs, or other resources specific for your work.

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A Platform for all Data Scientists

Transition from data science local machines

Saturn Cloud offers an easy path to moving to the cloud with no cost, setup, or infrastructure work.

Connect from existing cloud-hosted services

Resources within Saturn Cloud can be called anywhere. Have your existing jobs utilize our Dask clusters.

Access your favorite Python libraries

Saturn Cloud makes it easy to use tools such as PyTorch, LightGBM, TensorFlow, RAPIDS, and many other Python data science libraries.

Enterprise ready

Saturn Cloud offers solutions for enterprise, including Hosted Pro and VPC deployments on AWS and other cloud providers.

Saturn Cloud app
"I'm excited to start moving some of my local projects onto Saturn Cloud's AWS because I used to worry about having my data in their public cloud, but now know I have the privacy and security of my own VPC + can use Dask easily for the projects with larger datasets."
—AWS Marketplace Review
"Dask has helped my team speed up experimentation and iteration by finishing data preprocessing tasks that used to take hours in a matter of seconds. Saturn maintains a Dask cluster so we don't have to, which frees up time for real data science. It's a huge value add."
—Global CPG Company
"I'm a data scientist working with a team of marine chemists on a series of peer review journal articles. Saturn Cloud made getting them set up and going a snap. We now have computational power equivalent to what I have used at a Fortune 50 company at a tiny fraction of the cost, and with a much faster time to get up and going."
—AWS Marketplace Review

How it works

Start on the Hosted Free plan and jump into Jupyter and Dask right away, including the use of GPUs. You can also upgrade to the Hosted Pro plan anytime by clicking 'Billing' in your dashboard. This unlocks other instance types and is pay-as-you-go. Contact us to bring Enterprise to your organization.

Saturn Cloud Hosted Free

Your account starts on the Hosted Free plan with 10 hours of GPU Jupyter and 3 hours of Dask per month

Saturn Cloud Hosted Pro

Upgrade to Hosted Pro to unlock more resources without having to migrate

Saturn Cloud Enterprise

Contact us to set up Saturn Cloud Enterprise within your own organization