Saturn Cloud Enterprise

A robust data science platform within your organization's AWS account
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Saturn Cloud Enterprise is a version of our product that can be installed and run within the AWS environment of our customers. This gives you full control over how it's managed, who has access, and other enterprise-level concerns. We are on call when you need us with support for the platform itself as well as using the data science components within it like Dask.

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Saturn Cloud Enterprise provides a number of features that are valuable for both the DevOps and IT people setting up and maintaining the platform, as well as the data scientists using the platform.

For DevOps & IT teams

  • Install via the AWS Marketplace or Docker - Simple installation to get going in minutes.
  • Robust security options - Data and code always lives in your AWS account, not ours. We can work with you to meet the security needs of your organization through customization if needed.
  • Pay as you go - Bills are sent monthly via the AWS Marketplace, simplifying procurement.

For Data Scientists

  • Quickly use advanced tools - Components like GPUs and distributed clusters are preconfigured and ready to go.
  • Collaborate with coworkers - Work together with your peers using our robust git integration.
  • Productionize code - Run jobs on a schedule, on demand, or at an API call and continuously host dashboards and APIs.

Getting started with Saturn Cloud Enterprise

Saturn Cloud can be installed in an AWS account in under a half an hour. As part of getting started we also can help customize the installation to exactly your company's security requirements, as well as onboard you data scientists with the tool

1. Install in AWS

Install Saturn Cloud automatically through the AWS Marketplace or manually with a Docker container.

2. Customize


Work with Saturn Cloud engineers to add customizations like LDAP authentication, internet-disconnect environments, custom VPCs and more.

3. Onboard users

Saturn Cloud data scientists will train your team on how to use the tool for your exact needs.

4. Use Saturn Cloud

Have your data scientists start making notebooks, deployments, and distributed clusters on the platform.

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