Saturn Cloud Enterprise

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A robust data science platform within your organization's AWS account

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Installing Saturn Cloud Enterprise into your company's AWS account gives you full control over how it's managed, who has access, and other enterprise-level concerns. It also comes with Saturn Cloud support—both for the product itself and for help with using the platform with tools like Dask.

You can contact us to talk through the implementation details or directly install yourself via the AWS Marketplace.

Benefits of Enterprise

Saturn Cloud Enterprise provides a number of features that are valuable for both the DevOps and IT people setting up and maintaining the platform, as well as the data scientists using the platform.


Securely connect to data

All Saturn Cloud resources are in your AWS account.

Easy billing

Saturn Cloud appears as a line-item on your AWS bill.
Add users

Connected authentication

Use SSO sign on and connect to AWS users and roles.

Superior support

Get help the moment you need it.
Fully managed

Enterprise Offerings



High Security

All data is kept within your AWS account
Python and R workspaces with SSH access.
Dashboard, API and model deployments
Scheduled jobs
Installs into your AWS account
Includes SSO with your IDP
Private deployment within your VPN
Installation into an existing VPC
Integration with on-premise infrastructure via transit gateway or private link
Support for transparent proxies via certificate injection
Restrict IAM permissions used by the Saturn Cloud installer/updater
Ability to restrict access Saturn Cloud support and self-manage deployments
24/7 emergency support for production issues
Custom legal
Custom Integrations

Custom Integrations are additional software installed and managed within your Saturn Cloud cluster. These are typically installed to meet security needs or augment the capacity of data science teams.

Examples include:

Security: Intrusion detection and response (CrowdStrike Falcon), Monitoring (Datadog), On-premise package repositories (Anaconda Server and Posit/RStudio Package Manager).

Data Science: Prefect, Dagster, Posit/RStudio Connect, Flyte, Weights and Biases, and Comet ML.

Getting started with Saturn Cloud Enterprise

Saturn Cloud can be installed in an AWS account in under a half an hour. As part of getting started we also can help customize the installation to exactly your company's security requirements, as well as onboard you data scientists with the tool

1. Install in AWS

Install Saturn Cloud automatically through the AWS Marketplace or manually with a Docker container.

2. Customize


Work with Saturn Cloud engineers to add customizations like LDAP authentication, internet-disconnect environments, custom VPCs and more.

3. Onboard users

Saturn Cloud data scientists will train your team on how to use the tool for your exact needs.

4. Use Saturn Cloud

Have your data scientists start making notebooks, deployments, and distributed clusters on the platform.

Interested in learning more about Saturn Cloud Enterprise?

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