Snowflake Data Cloud

Snowflake Data Cloud

Read data in pandas and Dask DataFrames from Snowflake

Saturn + Snowflake = fast Python machine learning with the data cloud

Connect to the Snowflake Data Cloud using the Snowflake Connector for Python


Saturn Cloud includes Snowflake’s Python connector in the Docker image by default. This allows users to read data in Pandas and Dask DataFrames from Snowflake.


Users can leverage Saturn Cloud to train Machine Learning models using GPUs and Dask clusters with data from Snowflake.


Users can access the Prefect integration in Saturn Cloud and run ETL jobs to read and write data, to and from Snowflake.


Saturn Cloud supports running data visualizations, workloads, and deploying dashboards using data from Snowflake.

Both Saturn Cloud and Snowflake can be hosted on Amazon Web Services