Natively integrated for higher-performance data science and machine learning

Orchestrate workflows using next-generation tools

With the Prefect task library and Saturn Cloud you can schedule complex tasks while writing minimal code

Flow Code

Prefect flows are Python, so you can build and modify them however you like.


Add parameters to any flow for easy runtime templating and reuse.

Robust States

Prefect handles every error, whether expected or not. Some tasks might only run if upstream tasks fail.


Pass data between tasks for complex processing and advanced analytics.


When paired with Dask, Prefect’s event-driven scheduler can execute tasks with millisecond latency.

Custom Schedules

Specify custom schedule logic including business days, offsets, and blackout windows, or fall back on good old cron.

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Using Prefect With a Saturn Dask Cluster

After starting Jupyter server and Dask cluster in Saturn Cloud, you can use Prefect to create DAGs to automate your data science and machine learning workflows.

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