Why Saturn Cloud?

For Data Scientists

Saturn Cloud is an environment for all your best data science work because it doesn't limit what tools you can use. Our scaling, collaborating, and built-in management capabilities will aid you when you run your code. Spin up a notebook with 4TB of RAM, add a GPU, connect to a distributed cluster of workers, and more.
Incredible resources with high RAM and compute, GPUs, and distributed Dask clusters available
Productionize code with scheduled jobs or continuous deployments.
Totally compatible with Python, R, or other languages and IDEs like VSCode and PyCharm

The Resources You Need

  • Scale up data science by running on a 4TB instance, using 8 GPUs, or connecting a distributed cluster of Dask workers.
  • Adjust your resource size on the fly—if you need more or less compute, memory, or other resources just change the resource settings and restart.
  • Use different resources for different projects, all concurrently: have one workflow use a small CPU, while another workflow trains on a large GPU.

Use Your Favorite Tools

  • Saturn Cloud natively supports Python and R, with support for additional languages available.
  • Use our built-in JupyterLab or R servers online, or connect from preferred IDE like VSCode or PyCharm with SSH.
  • Built-in functionality for git repos so you can easily manage your code

Put Your Code Into Production

  • Have your code run on a schedule or on demand with Saturn Cloud jobs.
  • Set up a dashboard or API that continuously runs with Saturn Cloud deployments.
  • Manage control and access of production resources with user groups (Enterprise only).

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