AI/ML with GPUs on any cloud

Run and scale with NVIDIA libraries and tools on Saturn Cloud

Supported libraries and tools

nvidia nim
Run Pre-Built AI Models Anywhere

NVIDIA NIM and Saturn Cloud

Instantly run and deploy generative AI with NVIDIA NIM. Explore the latest community-built AI models through APIs, and deploy them anywhere. Saturn Cloud ensures you have the flexibility and performance needed to bring your AI models to life.

nvidia bionemo
Fast-Track Drug Discovery with Scalable AI

NVIDIA BioNeMo and Saturn Cloud

Simplify and accelerate the training of generative AI models using your data while scaling deployment for drug discovery applications. With Saturn Cloud, you get the quickest path to AI model development and deployment, fast-tracking your journey to AI-powered breakthroughs in drug discovery.

nvidia nemo
Build Custom LLMs & Multimodal AI Solutions

NVIDIA NeMo and Saturn Cloud

Develop custom generative AI models, including large language models (LLMs), multimodal, vision, and speech AI, with our seamless integration. Saturn Cloud enables precise data curation, advanced customization, retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), and accelerated performance, ensuring you deliver enterprise-ready AI solutions efficiently.

NVIDIA Omniverse
Real-time Rendering for Advanced AI

NVIDIA Omniverse and Saturn Cloud

Saturn Cloud supports a suite of APIs, SDKs, and services, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) and RTX rendering technologies into your existing software tools and simulation workflows. Build advanced AI systems with ease and precision.


Academic Grant Program

NVIDIA provides grants for free GPU cloud resources to people worldwide. Groups are allocated credits to use towards GPU resources hosted by Saturn Cloud. See the links below to learn more about how to use the cloud GPUs, budgeting your usage, and how to get help.

Telecom Industry Grant

NVIDIA offers grants for free GPU cloud resources to researchers worldwide. The 6G Research Cloud platform supports AI advancements in radio access network (RAN) technology, enabling rapid 6G development and connecting trillions of devices. Researchers receive credits for GPU resources hosted by Saturn Cloud.

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Learn more about the capabilities with Saturn Cloud and NVIDIA

A forest at sunset

Random Forest on GPUs: 2000x Faster than Apache Spark

We trained a random forest model using 300 million instances: Spark took 37 minutes on a 20-node CPU cluster, whereas RAPIDS took 1 second on a 20-node GPU cluster. That’s over 2000x faster with GPUs.

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A room full of stars

Examples with GPUs

Saturn Cloud has multiple examples with GPUs in Python, R, and Julia.

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A space shuttle

Accelerate common data science workloads on GPUs with RAPIDS

Dive into example notebooks using a GPU with RAPIDS, scaling to a cluster with Dask, then some runtime comparisons.

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