Release 2023.02.01

Saturn Cloud release notes for 2023.02.01


Historical job logs are now organized by each run.


Clean up UI for hardware metrics and move them into a separate tab

Docker in Docker

Added support for Docker in Docker for all resource types

Shared Folders

Saturn Cloud admin users can now administer user owned shared folders

IAM Roles

Users and groups can now have access to multiple IAM roles. IAM roles can be chosen for each resource. If a user has access to only one role, it will be attached by default.


  • Previously if a customer provided us with a KMS key we would encrypt EKS secrets with it. Now we create a KMS key by default if a user does not provide one
  • Saturn Cloud now makes IRSA mandatory. An upcoming release will remove all uses of IAM users by the Saturn Cloud platform. Users can still use IAM users
  • Prepare for EKS 1.23 by deploying the EBS CSI driver