Release 2022.05.01

Saturn Cloud release notes for 2022.05.01


Python installations have moved from /opt/conda to /opt/saturncloud to better support external images that may already be using /opt/conda. Existing images that still use /opt/conda will continue to function normally.


This release adds a “debug” mode for deployments which allows users to SSH into deployments to troubleshoot issues. HTTP timeouts have also been extended to 300 seconds to support longer request/response cycles.

Other Improvements

  • Users can now choose the subdomain for deployments, workspaces, and dask clusters.
  • Workspace creation forms have been redesigned.
  • The Image selector is now searchable.
  • Prefect Cloud flow runs are limited to last 100 entries.
  • Users can run Docker within Saturn Cloud workspaces. This needs to be enabled on an installation by installation basis. Contact to request this.
  • Organization admins can create and manage groups.
  • New modal guides users to create a resource if they don’t have any yet.