Release 2021.08.16

Saturn Cloud release notes for 2021.08.16

Improvements from the release

  • We now better handle git remotes from uncommon hosts (such as internal git repos instead of GitHub).
  • Jupyter server resources will no longer trigger auto-shutoff while there are active SSH connections – SSH activity is now handled and detected just like Jupyter activity.
  • User-facing error messages have been improved to be more understandable.
  • Improved the invitation UI for adding new users–it’s now clearer on Saturn Cloud which user invitation requests have been approved, accepted, or rejected.

New features from the release

  • Logs from resources are now easier to reach with a new “Logs” button on resource pages. The logs also have two methods of being viewed:
    • Raw - up to date logs immediately from the machines the resource is running on (previously the only way to view logs).
    • Aggregated - for Dask clusters, this shows the logs from all workers - not just one at a time. This makes it much easier to debug code when using Dask and having logs spread across many workers.
  • Added a resource-name label to Kubernetes objects (Enterprise only).
  • Prefect Cloud flows now import the extra packages of the Jupyter server resource that created them.
  • Prefect Cloud flows now have a unique Dask cluster for each run. Thus, if there are many concurrent flows running, there will be multiple Dask clusters supporting them. Previously they would all share a Dask cluster and potentially overwhelm it.
  • Datadog support (Enterprise only) - now you can use Datadog to externally monitor the service.

Release internal name: 2021-08-16