Release 2021.11.10

Saturn Cloud release notes for 2021.11.10

R Support

Saturn Cloud has a new type of resource, an R server_. These servers have the open source RStudio Server product installed so that R users can use a UI tailored to their language.

In addition to RStudio server resources, R can be used for jobs and deployments. This means Shiny applications and plumber APIs can be run on Saturn Cloud.

There are a few known limitations for RStudio resources:

  • The auto-shutoff functionality is not enabled for RStudio resources, you’ll need to manually shut them down. This will be enabled in a future release.
  • The UI does not yet have inputs for which R packages to install. This will be added in a future release, but for now you can add packages at startup via the start script. Typically you’ll want to use the command Rscript -e "install.packages(c('packagename')))".
  • While Python can be used across multiple machines on Saturn Cloud with Dask, R support is limited to single machine use (for now 👀).

Other Improvements

  • For Enterprise installations IAM roles can now be used to allocate permissions rather than IAM users.
  • Kubernetes events data is now being saved on the backend for better debugging when resources have issues.
  • The latest versions of Saturn Cloud images (2021.11.10) have been upgraded to use JupyterLab 3. Note that these images do not include dask-labextension, if you want that functionality please use earlier images. That extension will be added back at a later date.
  • Users can now get their Saturn Cloud API token by going to their Settings page.
  • Various bug fixes.