Release 2022.01.06

Saturn Cloud release notes for 2022.01.06
  • The file locations in resources have been changed:
    • The default working directory is now /home/jovyan/workspace (previously /home/jovyan/git-repos).
    • The default location for git repositories is now /home/jovyan/workspace (previously /home/jovyan/git-repos). The git repository paths are also now absolute instead of relative, so they can be cloned outside of the default folder.
  • When creating a resource from a template you can now choose the owner and name of the resource.
  • Enterprise customers can now use Shared Folders to share files between resources and users.
  • The git SSH keys are now part of the user settings page.
  • The image page and creation process has been overhauled. Now different versions of images are connected to each other in the UI for easier management.
  • Images now pull faster due to optimizations in Saturn Cloud.