Release 2022.04.01

Saturn Cloud release notes for 2022.04.01


The Credentials component of Saturn Cloud has been replaced with a new Secrets component. Secrets are similar to credentials except that you explicitly attach them to each resource. This is more secure than the previous implementation which attached secrets to any resource that had access to them. All previous credentials have been migrated to be secrets.

Other improvements

  • Users can now build images in the UI with R package support instead of just Python support. (Note that any language can also be installed via the postBuild script).
  • The UI has been improved to handle large amounts of data.
  • Workspaces now have the option to open port 8000 for testing code that will become a deployment.
  • SSH can now be enabled on deployments for debugging.
  • Resources will now let you know if they need to be restarted after fields changes. Previously they would automatically restart.