Getting Started with Enterprise

How to start using Saturn Cloud Enterprise within your corporate cloud

Saturn Cloud Enterprise lets your team get the power of Saturn Cloud, the security of your existing cloud environment, and dedicated support from our team. In this document we’ll walk through the process of how Saturn Cloud Enterprise can be used by your organization.

1. Install Saturn Cloud Enterprise

The first step is to install Saturn Cloud Enterprise into your AWS account. For most customers, this is a fully automated 30 minute process driven by the AWS marketplace. The installation will provision a few components in your AWS account.

If you have special security requirements such as a need to:

  • Install into an existing VPCs
  • Deploying Saturn Cloud Enterprise to private subnets for use with your VPN
  • Restrict internet access for Saturn Cloud Enterprise
  • Integrate with your SSO or identity provider

You can use the additional installation options documentation to set those up, or contact us for help.

2. Onboarding Users

Once Saturn Cloud Enterprise is installed, the next step is to invite users and get them acclimated to the tool. To invite users, admins of the installation can invite users directly. Saturn Cloud representatives can also help invite people in bulk.

We find it helps if all new users get a 30-minute onboarding session (lead by Saturn Cloud) to give a demonstration of how to use the tool and answer any questions. After your installation is online we’ll reach out to you about setting this up. We can also run multiple sessions–you don’t need to get everyone into the same meeting. During the onboarding, we not only give your team a tour of the product, but we will be gathering information about the libraries people are using, as well as the data sources they need to consume. We can give advice on how to migrate those to Saturn Cloud.

After the onboarding session, we will work directly with your users to make sure they can install all the packages they need, and connect to all the data sources they need to access.

Step 3. Begin Using Saturn Cloud

After your data science has been onboarded to Saturn Cloud, they can use it for most of their day to day work. Your data science team is no longer blocked by hardware limitations. They can deploy models, dashboards and deployments. Their work is reproducible, and can be shared easily.

If an of your users every run into issues installing packages, or have general problems with data science tools like Python or R, they just need to reach out to us. We dramatically reduce the support burden for most of the data scientists we work with.

Step 4. Maintenance

Saturn Cloud requires no maintenance. For most of our customers, upgrades happen automatically.