Create a Dashboard with Voila

Use Voila to create a dashboard with Python

What is Voila?

Voila is the easiest way to turn a Jupyter notebook into a dashboard! It even supports notebooks that leverages widgets, and renders these into a web application.

Voila can serve individual notebooks or allow to you browse for notebooks on your Jupyter server’s file system. A common workflow is to develop notebooks and preview dashboards within Jupyter, then create a Deployment to share the dashboard with others.

Preview dashboards in Jupyter

From a running Jupyter server, copy the URL of your server and replace /lab/* with /voila. You can now browse your files and click any notebook to have it rendered with Voila! For example, if your Jupyter Lab URL looks like:

Voila would be available at:
Voila file list


After you’re happy with your dashboard, you can enable a production deployment. If you aren’t familiar with Deployments in Saturn Cloud, check out the docs on setting up a Deployment.

To enable Voila on all notebooks, run:

voila --Voila.ip= --port=8000 .

If you only want to deploy a single notebook, you can pass in the path to that notebook:

voila --Voila.ip= --port=8000 <path-to-notebook>