Maintaining Saturn Cloud Enterprise

Maintaining Saturn Cloud requires very little work. We should know - we do it every day.


For most Saturn Cloud Enterprise customers, Saturn Cloud is operated as a completely managed solution within your AWS account. When you sign up for Saturn Cloud enterprise you will create an IAM role that gives us access to your AWS account.

We use that IAM role to upgrade your installation. There is no fixed update schedule. Generally we lag Saturn Cloud Enterprise behind Saturn Cloud Hosted by a few months and we deploy updates once a quarter. Updates require no action on your part. Updates generally involve a 5 minute downtime for the Saturn Cloud user interface, but existing resources (Python/R servers, jobs, deployments and dask clusters) are usually unaffected.

If you have particular scheduling requirements and you have opted into the Premium or High Security enterprise plans, let us know, and we can adjust updates to best match your schedules. Otherwise you don’t need to think about updates. They will happen automatically. Most customers never notice.


Saturn Cloud requires no maintenance. Because Saturn Cloud is built on top of EKS 95% of issues are automatically resolved. If machines fail, or containers run out of memory, EKS will bring up replacements ensuring continuous service. If you notice any lags in the user interface or any issues creating resources, reach out to and we can address any issues promptly.

Performing upgrades yourself

If you cannot give us direct access to your AWS account for maintenance and upgrades, you will be responsible for upgrading your instance. We recommend that customers running upgrades of Saturn Cloud themselves reach out to us so that our support team can be on standby in case you run into any issues. The subsequent upgrade instructions are only relevant if we are not managing your Saturn Cloud installation.

Upgrading to Release 2023.02.01

Instructions for upgrading to release 2023.02.01 from 2022.11.01

Upgrading to Release 2022.11.01

Instructions for upgrading to release 2022.11.01 from 2022.10.01

Upgrading to Release 2022.10.01

Instructions for upgrading to release 2022.10.01 from 2022.09.01

Upgrading to Release 2022.09.01

Instructions for upgrading to release 2022.09.01 from 2022.08.01

Upgrading to Release 2022.08.01

Instructions for upgrading to release 2022.08.01 from 2022.05.01

Upgrading to Release 2022.05.01

Instructions for upgrading to release 2022.05.01 from 2022.04.01

Upgrading to Release 2022.04.01

Instructions for upgrading to release 2022.04.01 from 2022.03.01

Upgrading to Release 2022.03.01

Instructions for upgrading to release 2022.03.01 from 2022.02.01

Upgrading to Release 2022.02.01

Instructions for upgrading to release 2022.02.01 from 2022.01.06

Upgrading to Release 2022.01.06

Instructions for upgrading to release 2022.01.06 from 2021.11.10

Upgrading to Release 2021.11.10

Instructions for upgrading to release 2021.11.10 from 2021.10.26

Upgrading to Release 2021.10.26

Instructions for upgrading to release 2021.10.26 from 2021.09.20


How to remove Saturn Cloud Enterprise from your AWS account