Release 2023.05.01

Saturn Cloud release notes for 2023.05.01


This release adds SaturnFS - which is an object storage layer built on top of S3, that can be used without having to deal with IAM permissions.

Resource Templates

Customer resource templates are brought back to the front page. Additional LLM resource templates have been added to Saturn Cloud. Python/R tutorial templates have been organized

Saturn Cloud images

Saturn Cloud now publishes all images on every release. This includes updated python, python-pytorch, python-tensorflow images, as well r-torch, r-tensorflow, r-bioconductor, and julia images. Updated all images to CUDA 11.8


  • Bug fixes for reporting incorrect status for Saturn Cloud jobs when there are multiple containers
  • Jobs can now support multiple replicas, with each job knowing their rank in the job set.


Previously Saturn Cloud deployed a Gitea instance in order to managed git repositories created in Saturn Cloud. This has been deprecated.

Security and reliability

  • Upgrade to EKS 1.26
  • added resiliency to Saturn Cloud UI so it automatically restarts if it runs into issues.
  • upgrade a number of images to ubuntu:jammy