Resource Recipes

Store details of a resource or an image in a file for later use

There are many situations where you may want to store information about the configuration of a Saturn Cloud resource, such as:

  • Storing how an analysis was run so that you can rerun it later
  • Sharing details of a resource with a colleague so they can clone it
  • Saving a configuration so you can programmatically create a new resource with that configuration via an API

The way you store information about a resource is through a Saturn Cloud resource recipe. A resource recipe is a JSON file that stores all the details about a resource, such as the extra libraries installed, the number of workers of a connected Dask cluster, the git repos used, and more. Here is a simple example of what a recipe might look like:

    "name": "example-dask",
    "image_uri": "",
    "description": "Use distributed computing with Dask",
    "extra_packages": {
        "pip": "lightgbm"
    "working_directory": "/home/jovyan/examples/examples/dask",
    "git_repositories": [
            "url": ""
    "jupyter_server": {
        "disk_space": "10Gi",
        "instance_type": "large"
    "dask_cluster": {
        "num_workers": 3,
        "worker": { "instance_type": "large" },
        "scheduler": { "instance_type": "large" }
    "version": "2022.01.06"

You can see that this resource has the Python package lightgbm installed via git, it uses the saturncloud/examples GitHub repository, and more. Importantly, at the bottom of the object is the field version which indicates which schema is being used for the recipe. The resource recipe schema is constantly evolving as Saturn Cloud gains new features, so it is important to keep track of what schema is being used at the time. The full JSON schema can be found in the saturncloud/recipes GitHub repo.

You can download the recipe for an existing resource by going to the resource page and navigating to the Manage tab, and then clicking the Download Recipe button. This will let you save the JSON file with all the details of the resource. Note that the file will include optional fields, such as the owner of the resource, which are not required for recreating it.

Recipe download button

You can also create a resource file from scratch by using the JSON schema found in the saturncloud/recipes GitHub repo.

To create a new resource using a recipe, click the appropriate create new resource button on the resource list page. At the top you’ll see a Use a Recipe button. This will let you paste in a recipe for a resource. You will also be able to choose the owner and name of the new recipe.

Arrow pointing at recipe create button

Embedding create from recipe buttons

If you have a particular configuration of a Saturn Cloud resource that you want other people to be able to use, you can create a link or button that when a user clicks it they will create the resource in their Saturn Cloud account. The tool below will let you generate such links from a URL for a recipe file.

Button and Link Generator

Location of the recipe file (must be public).
Use community for Saturn Cloud Hosted, and the account name for Saturn Cloud Enterprise.

Link to create resource

Example button

HTML to embed create resource button