API and Recipes

Orchestrating Saturn Cloud. Integrating Saturn Cloud with your CI/CD


Everything that can be done in the UI can be done via Saturn Cloud API calls. The API is what our UI uses to orchestrate resources on the backend - as a result it is pretty low level. For most purposes, Saturn Cloud recipes are more appropriate


Saturn Cloud recipes are JSON representation of objects in Saturn Cloud. Every resource in Saturn Cloud can be exported as a recipe and Saturn Cloud recipes can be used to import resources as well as share them with colleagues.

Infrastructure as code

Saturn Cloud recipes can also be used for infrastructure as code patterns. Recipes, which are a declarative representation of Saturn Clodu resources can be applied to Saturn Cloud, which will create a resource if it does not exist. If the resource has already been created, this will update it to the new settings.

Integration with CI/CD

Saturn Cloud resources are transparent. As a result, it is easy to orchestrate Saturn Cloud from standard CI/CD tools like GitHub actions. There are a few common patterns

Building Images

One common use case is to store image definitions (Dockerfile and environment.yaml) in Git, and then have CI/CD pipelines build those images and register them with Saturn Cloud for use by your data science team.

Git Ops

Another common use case is to store recipe definitions in Git, and have CI/CD pipelines apply them to Saturn Cloud resources. This enables you to manage production application state from your CI/CD pipeline.