Instructions for using Okta to authenticate Saturn Cloud Enterprise

To use Okta to authenticate Saturn Cloud Enterprise, use the following steps:

  1. Login to your Okta account and navigate to the Okta dashboard. In the sidebar, click on “Applications”
Okta Side Bar
  1. Choose Create App Integration Okta Create App

  2. Select OIDC and Web Application

Okta Create App Form
  1. In the resulting form, set the sign-in redirect URI (which we will provide to you separately). For Grant type allowed, we require openid, email, profile, and groups.
Okta Set Sign In URI
  1. Under assignments, choose Allow everyone in your organization to access. or Limit access to specific groups. Saturn Cloud has additional controls for adding new users, so you do not have to be completely precise here. For simplicity We recommend Allow everyone in your organization to access.
Okta Every Access
  1. Click Save. Afterwards, click on Sign On in order to configure Sign On options.
Selct Okta Sign On
  1. Click to edit the Open ID Connect Token. Modify the selector to Matches Regex and then use .* as the value. This ensures that Saturn Cloud gets all group membership information, which Saturn Cloud admins can use to control entitlements within Saturn cloud.
Okta Groups
  1. Please Store the client ID and Secret for this application. We will invite you to your Auth0 tenant, where you can input this information securely.