Extra Setup Options

Additional options for setting up Saturn Cloud Enterprise within your organization

Saturn Cloud Enterprise has a standard configuration that most customers use. Under our standard installation, we will provision a new VPC in your AWS account, an ACM SSL certificate, and an EKS cluster in that VPC. Saturn Cloud will be hosted publicly on the internet, however authentication will prevent un-authorized users from accessing your Saturn Cloud instance. Below is the architecture diagram for our standard installation.

Beyond the standard installation, there are a number of modifications you can make so that Saturn Cloud Enterprise meets your corporate needs.

Identity Providers and SSO

Connecting Saturn Cloud Enterprise to your Identity Provider and SSO

Data Connections

How to connect Saturn Cloud Enterprise to the data sources of your organization

Custom VPCs

Installing Saturn Cloud Enterprise into an existing or special VPC

Encrypting Kubernetes Secrets

Using encrypted secrets within Amazon EKS

IAM Roles for Users and Groups

Grant particular AWS IAM roles to users and groups

No Internet Access

Installing Saturn Cloud into an environment with no internet access

High Security Installations

High security installation options for Saturn Cloud