Machine Learning

Do machine learning with XGBoost, LightGBM, or scikit-learn on Saturn Cloud

LightGBM Training with Dask

Training gradient-boosted decision trees with LightGBM in a distributed Dask cluster

Train a Model with XGBoost and Dask - Tutorial

Use the XGBoost ML library to train a model in a distributed Dask cluster

Train a Model with scikit-learn and Dask

How a scikit-learn pipeline can run with Dask parallelization

Convert scikit-learn Code to Dask

Adapt your machine learning code to use Dask parallelization

Grid Search with Scikit-learn and Dask

How scikit-learn grid search can be accelerated with Dask parallelization

Train Random Forest on GPU with RAPIDS

A working end-to-end script showing how a Random Forest can be trained on a GPU using RAPIDS

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