Release 2021.09.20

Saturn Cloud release notes for 2021.09.20


  • Git repositories are now easier to use! Now, when adding a git repository to Saturn Cloud, all you have to specify is the repository URL - we take care of the rest. Once you have added a git repository to a resource, you can still specify where on the resource it will be saved to and how it will be updated (automatically or manually). The git repository page and the resource pages have been simplified to reflect this.
  • URLs for SSH now stay the same on resource restart Previously, when using SSH to connect to a resource, the URL would change every time the resource restarted, meaning that you would have to edit your connection each time you wanted to connect. Now, the URLs are consistent and do not change between restarts.
  • Mamba support When building images, you now have the option to install packages using Mamba instead of Conda, providing a much faster solving experience. This feature is also available when adding additional Conda packages to a resource.
  • UI button changes Some of the buttons in the UI have been changed to make it more clear what each button does.
  • Dashboard Template Resource The deployment template resource would previously generate a Jupyter server resource that would walk you through creating a dashboard in a notebook, but would not deploy one for you. Now the template creates a deployment resource so you can see the dashboard after it’s been deployed.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues due to changes to credentials and git repos connected to jobs and Prefect flows.
  • The UI now correctly handles caching when the system is updated