No Internet Access

Installing Saturn Cloud into an environment with no internet access

Saturn can be installed in an AWS account with no access to the internet. In order to do this - you’ll need a VPC that meets a few requirements, or a Docker image mirror.

  • You need to ensure that your VPC allows egress to (
  • A security group with an inbound rule that allows HTTPS traffic from the VPC’s CIDR
  • Private VPC endpoints for the following AWS services, with the security group (from the previous step) attached:
    • ecr.dkr (Interface)
    • ecr.api (Interface)
    • ec2 (Interface)
    • autoscaling (Interface)
    • sts (Interface)
    • s3 (Gateway)
  • Either egress to, and, or an image mirror set up with access to those hosts. Currently, the only image mirror Saturn supports is Artifactory. If you require support for a different image mirror solution, please get in touch

With these fulfilled, follow the manual Saturn Cloud installation steps.