Artificial Intelligence

The word Artificial means something that is not natural. Human beings are able to perform tasks that are higher-level mental processes such as perceptual learning, memory organisation and critical reasoning, and this is what is termed Human Intelligence.

When these tasks are performed by machines, it serves the right to call that Artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is a field where computers and machines are charged with the ability to perform tasks, which at their core, require human intelligence.

For example, in self-driving cars, the AI system that makes judgements while driving is essentially taking the role of a driver.

AI is incorporated into a variety of different types of technology e.g Machine learning, Computer vision, Natural language processing, Robotics, and Automation.

Looking closely around our lives, we interact with AI daily.

Artificial Intelligence Illustration

AI in your life

  • Digital personal assistants - You have probably heard of or interacted with Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant on your phone. These are virtual assistants which are there to serve you and help you by giving you services such as Easing your navigation on the phone and even in real life, organising your daily routines, provide recommendations which are personal.

  • Web search - Every day you perform a web search, several of them and you are able to find any information that you are looking for, this is made possible through AI.

  • Machine translations - AI has made it possible that we are able to get the information we need in any language we may want. Through machine translations, we are able to cross-communicate in the language that we prefer most.

  • Personalized online shopping and advertising - In the E-commerce industry, AI through recommendation engines have improved engagement between customers and sellers and also created personalized recommendations. It has also improved the advertising industry.

  • Autonomous vehicles - Automobile manufacturing through AI technology, has made vehicles with computers to think and evolve like humans when it comes to driving to any environment and object detection to avoid any accidents.

AI has transformed many industries ranging from Agriculture, Gaming, Healthcare, Education and Finance. It has also brought a big impact already and is likely to impact critical facets of our economy and society over the coming decade.