Modeling Unstructured Data Using Snowflake and Saturn Cloud

Our Snowflake quickstart example walks through using unstructured data in Snowflake.

We are very excited to announce that we have collaborated with Snowflake, the cutting edge data storage solution, to produce a hands-on tutorial that you can use to train and use models based on unstructured data.

While many machine learning tasks work well with tabular data, data scientists in many industries and sectors need to model other types of data, such as images and videos, to achieve business goals.

Snowflake offers data structures that allow you to use these kinds of data and interact with them seamlessly, and in this guide you’ll learn how to integrate this Snowflake offering with Saturn Cloud, a data science and machine learning platform for scalable Python.

Our example involves image classification, and walks you through both setting up and populating your Snowflake database and also the modeling process on Saturn Cloud Hosted. Both accounts are free!

About Saturn Cloud

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