Saturn Cloud Offers Data Scientists 30 Hours of Free Compute Each Month

Saturn Cloud now provides 30 hours a model of compute time, including GPUs and Dask distributed clusters.

Saturn Cloud, a widely-used cloud data science platform, is providing free access to 30 hours of compute each month as part of its Saturn Cloud Hosted Free plan. This includes hosted notebooks running up to 64GB CPU instances or 16GB + GPU instances. The service enables data science teams to collaborate easily and use cloud-hosted resources, jobs, deployments, and more. Join here for free.

Data Science Teams Get to Work Easily and Efficiently

Thousands of data scientists, academics, and businesses like NVIDIA,, Cellarity, Mount Sinai Health System, and more are utilizing the power of Saturn Cloud. “Saturn Cloud enables our data science team to access (from anywhere!) the compute resources we need to complete our work easily and efficiently,” says Caitlin Limonciello, PH.D., Research and Data Science Manager at Senseye.

Partners such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Snowflake Computing, Weights & Biases (W&B), and others have come alongside Saturn Cloud to provide better analytics capabilities for data science teams. These partnerships make it easy to add Saturn Cloud to existing data science infrastructure for users and organizations, where native product integrations make connections seamless across the platforms.

“Saturn Cloud’s service allows Data Scientists to use Python for the entire machine learning process, reducing complexity, offering excellent scalability, and incredible speed provided by GPUs,” says Tarik Dwiek, Director of Technology Alliances at Snowflake.

Saturn Cloud Enables a Quick and Simple Onboarding Process

Data scientists can move to the cloud at no cost, setup, or additional infrastructure work. Users of Google Colab or SageMaker can easily connect to the Saturn Cloud environment as well. Here are all ways you can connect to Saturn Cloud.

The company also offers solutions for enterprise, including Hosted Pro and VPC deployments on AWS and other cloud providers. The paid Hosted version is pay-as-you-go pricing, without any fixed subscription costs.

Further resources include built-in tools such as PyTorch, LightGBM, RAPIDS, and many other Python data science libraries. Users can train complex models with GPUs and Dask, and then compare results between different models, thanks to the recent partnership with Weights & Biases.

“With Saturn Cloud, our data science teams are able to smoothly onboard and self-serve based on their compute needs,” says Yasir Din, Engineering Manager at

Saturn Cloud is For The Entire Data Science Team

Data scientists can use Python and R with JupyterLab, VSCode, or PyCharm with easy-to-use SSH.

Data science managers can access multi-functional admin tools that allow them to track resource consumption by user, project, or other splits, and more.

Software Engineers/DevOps can easily support the data science team with a robust backend that runs on a Kubernetes cluster where data scientists can easily spool up and down resources.

To learn more about Saturn Cloud Hosted Free, please visit here.

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About Saturn Cloud

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