Free Compute from AMD and AWS on Saturn Cloud


Startups are invited to apply to receive free compute from AMD and AWS, using Genoa CPUs on Saturn Cloud. No matter what the workload demands are, teams can tackle complex computational problems and accelerate their data analytics with the most price-performant hardware.

What’s included

Free Compute: Up to $25,000

Hardware: AMD Genoa CPUs

Why Genoa AMD CPUs

AMD EPYC processors offer significant performance advantages, providing an average of 1.6x faster performance compared to other x86-powered instances across popular workloads.

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CPU Inference for Low-Cost LLM Deployment

Deploy Large Language Models (LLMs) efficiently and cost-effectively with AMD EPYC CPUs.

  • LLM performance is at a lower cost than GPU-based systems, making it ideal for budget-sensitive projects.

  • Supports large models with up to 66B parameters, ensuring ample capacity for advanced AI tasks.

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Accelerated Data Analytics

Drive powerful data analytics with AMD EPYC-powered instances.

  • 1.6x faster performance on average vs. the alternative x86-powered instances across popular workloads.

  • Substantial performance gains with targeted accelerations, reducing overall runtime and operational costs​.

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General Purpose and Compute-Intensive Workloads

General Purpose and Compute-Intensive Workloads

AMD EPYC CPUs are flexible for a wide range of workloads and overall performance

  • Compute-Intensive Tasks: Ideal for applications requiring high performance processing, such as scientific computing and large-scale simulations, with support for advanced instruction sets

  • Memory-Intensive Applications: High memory to vCPU ratio delivers optimal performance for memory-intensive tasks, ensuring smooth operation and faster processing

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