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"From the moment I started using Saturn Cloud, it became vividly clear that this platform is a game-changer for researchers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers alike. The ease of spinning up Jupyter instances, coupled with the seamless scalability of resources, has remarkably streamlined my workflow."

| Jack G., ML Engineer

Leading Companies Choose Saturn Cloud

Nestle Vital Proteins
Mount Sinai
Custom Ink
Mercury Insurance
Flatiron School
Broad Institute
Glean AI
Advent Health
Hi Bio
SM Energy
Maze Therapeutics
Stanford University

Effortlessly Integrate Saturn Cloud into Your ML Workflow

Simplified Workflow

Streamline your journey from development to deployment with Saturn Cloud's transparent and easy-to-use resources.

IDE Integration & Persistent Storage

Benefit from seamless integration with popular IDEs and persistent storage making sure your work continuity across restarts

Versatile Resources

Enjoy tailored Python and R servers, deployments, and jobs designed for optimal control over your specific cloud tasks

Effortless Workflow Conversion

Convert workflows easily with attachments like Git repositories, Dask clusters, and shared folders that can be added to any resource.

Run analyses, train models, deploy APIs, and more.

Voted the #1 data science and machine learning platform, Saturn Cloud takes pride in delivering tailored solutions, fostering team collaboration, and providing powerful computing capabilities for streamlined MLOps, efficient development, and deployment.

  • Unparalleled compatibility
  • Automated
  • scalability simplified
  • collaborative excellence
  • MLOps empowered
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Just Like your laptop. But with 4 TB of RAM.

Utilize your existing IDEs, packages, Git repositories, and data without the need for rewrites or ports. With built-in SSH connection, access tools like PyCharm and VS Code effortlessly. Customize images to your preference and run your Docker images anywhere with Saturn Cloud.

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Software development best practices.

Everything that can be done in the UI can be done from our API. Saturn Cloud recipes are a declarative representation of Saturn Cloud resources that can be used as infrastructure as code. Deploy this from your CI/CD so you can automate Docker image builds, model deployment, and pipelines.

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Scaling doesn't have to be hard.

Developing on Saturn Cloud is as easy as developing on your laptop. Except your laptop doesn't have 8 GPUs or 4 TB of RAM. Dask makes running parallel experiments super easy. Errors are raised in the notebook, and failures are easy to retry or rerun locally. saturn-run let's you leverage the power of Dask straight from the command line.

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Designed for teams.

Saturn Cloud lets you collaborate and share resources among a team, snapshot resource settings for future reproducible work, and create dashboards and APIs that external teams can use.

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An integral part of your MLOps lifecycle.

Saturn cloud workspaces give the data scientist access to tremendous amount of computing power to accelerate EDA, Data Preparation and Model Development. Saturn cloud jobs can be triggered via an API or a schedule for Model (Re-)Training. Saturn Cloud integrates with a variety of MLOps providers for model deployment, model registry, experiment tracking, and model monitoring.

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Loved by data scientists and IT security teams.

Here are some security requirements our customers have told us they could not find anywhere else.

  • Deployment within a custom VPC with restricted egress, leveraging transparent proxies or on-premise packages mirrors.
  • Ability to restrict IAM roles to specific users and groups.
  • Ability to deploy custom daemonsets to deploy additional intrusion detection and response products.

Don't take our word for it

  • Saturn makes it easy for our analysts to spin up Jupyter servers of any type on demand. The flexibility in being able to define custom docker images, startup scripts, etc. is phenomenal. I love the integration with Prefect Cloud, as it lets us seamlessly run our data ingestion pipeline using the same code and in the same environment as our analysts do their work.
  • Saturn Cloud makes my work so much easier. When I sit down at the beginning of the day, I just want my environment to work. I want my favorite packages installed and available on demand. I want it to be easy to scale my workspace and have it shut down automatically when I'm done. Saturn Cloud solves all of that. Their customer service is also top-notch.
  • We had a portfolio backtest taking nearly 20 minutes to run before the team at Saturn Cloud took a look at it. Between advising us on our code and dispersing the work across parallel processing via Dask, this backtest was completed at a rate several hundred times faster, taking only a few seconds to execute.
  • Taking runtime down from 60 days to 11 hours is such an incredible improvement. We are able to fit in many more iterations on our models. This has a significant positive impact on the effectiveness of our product, which takes many iterations to perform at the standard necessary for our customers.

One Platform For the Entire Team

  • Enjoy scalable cloud-based solutions that provide flexible resource allocation so your team can scale up or down based on their current needs, leading to a more cost-effective approach.
  • A flexible environment where you can use the tools and libraries you know and love without the barriers of computational limits. Collaborate and share notebooks easily with team members and more.
  • Optimized IT and engineering workflows with advanced integration and deployment tools. Gain efficient collaboration and streamlined processes from development to production, minimizing downtime and accelerating innovation.

Trusted by Leading ML Businesses

How Senseye Achieved 120x
Faster Machine Learning

Senseye uses Saturn Cloud to train machine learning models on GPUs at a massive scale.

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Run Saturn Cloud Anywhere, Anyway You Want

Run Saturn Cloud on the cloud or on-premises. Saturn Cloud is available for you to self-manage anywhere or as a fully-managed cloud service.


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Flexible pricing for every data scientist, team, and company.


The essentials for individual data scientists
  • 150 hours a month free of 64GB RAM and GPU instances
  • Use JupyterLab, RStudio, and Dask
  • Upgrade to a paid account for:
    • Deployments and jobs
    • Up to 4TB of RAM and 8 GPUs
    • Pay as you go pricing

Hosted Organizations

Collaboration tools on our cloud environment
  • Share resources between users on a team
  • Create group-owned resources
  • Use admin tools to monitor and control usage


Install Saturn Cloud into your own AWS account
  • Installs into your AWS account from the AWS Marketplace
  • Advanced security: SSO and installation into custom VPCs and private subnets available
  • Dedicated technical support

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