Pandas Profiling

What is Pandas Profiling?

Pandas Profiling is a Python package that provides an automated way to generate quick and extensive exploratory data analysis (EDA) reports on your datasets. It integrates with the popular pandas library and offers a convenient method to understand the structure, relationships, and distributions of your data.

How to use Pandas Profiling?

To use Pandas Profiling, first, install the package using pip:

pip install pandas-profiling

Next, import pandas and pandas_profiling, load your dataset into a pandas DataFrame, and generate the report:

import pandas as pd
import pandas_profiling

# Load your dataset
df = pd.read_csv("your_dataset.csv")

# Generate the report
profile = pandas_profiling.ProfileReport(df)

# Save the report as an HTML file

This will generate an interactive HTML report with various statistics, visualizations, and insights about your dataset, including missing values, unique values, correlations, and histograms.

Additional resources for learning about Pandas Profiling