Jupyter Logo

Jupyter is an open-source project with the goal of developing comprehensive browser-based software for interactive computing. It has allowed scientists all over the world to collaborate by being able to view and build upon other people’s work.

Jupyter as a project supports three core programming languages which are Python, Julia and R.

Jupyter has products that support data science and scientific computing including Jupyter Notebook, JupyterHub, and JupyterLab.

Jupyter is built from three parts:

  1. The notebook front end - The front end allows you to edit and run notebooks. The front end is responsible for storing your notebook, managing your notebooks in your local filesystem, and sending them to the Jupyter server.

  2. The Jupyter server - It is a relatively simple application that runs on your laptop or a multi-user server. The Jupyter project’s JupyterHub is the most widely used multi-user server for Jupyter.

  3. The kernel protocol - This allows the server to offload the task of running code to a language-specific kernel. Jupyter ships with kernels for Python 2 and Python 3, but kernels for many other languages are available.