Introducing Saturn Cloud Hosted Organizations

The new Saturn Cloud Hosted Organizations plan lets teams of data scientists work together as a team on a hosted platform.

We at Saturn Cloud are excited to announce our new plan, Saturn Cloud Hosted Organizations. Hosted Organizations provides team capabilities of our enterprise product, all while being hosted on our own systems so you don’t have to manage it yourself.

A Saturn Cloud Hosted Organization lets a group of data scientists work together on the cloud. Users can create compute resources with GPUs and distributed clusters, and manage them with the tools they love like git and ssh. This resources can be started and stopped on demand, or left continuously running to host dashboards and APIs. In a Saturn Cloud Hosted Organization, each user can share resources with each other and manage joint data and secret credentials. Admins of the organization can monitor usage and invite or remove users from the organization.

Best of all, a Saturn Cloud Hosted Organization can be set up in seconds, meaning you don’t have to worry about setting up a system of complex cloud accounts, Kubernetes clusters, or confusing permission roles. Once the organization is created, a member of the organization can switch from working on their person Saturn Cloud Hosted account or working in the organization by selection the organization in the sidebar.

Organization dropdown

If you have a team of data scientists who need to work together on a single platform, there is no faster way to get going than with Saturn Cloud Hosted Organizations. If this sounds like something that could be helpful to your team, you can create a new organization using the button below. Want to talk to a human about the details? You’re also welcome to contact us.