How to Combine Multiple Rows into a Single Row with Pandas

As a data scientist or software engineer you may often encounter situations where you need to combine multiple rows in a pandas DataFrame into a single row This could be for various reasons such as summarizing data or creating a new feature In this article we will explore several approaches to achieve this task using pandas

The Problem

Suppose we have a DataFrame df that consists of multiple rows for each unique value in the id column:


We want to combine the rows for each unique value in the id column into a single row, resulting in a DataFrame that looks like this:


Creating the dataFrame

First let’s create the dataframe we have above so we can apply the solutions on it:

# create dataFrame
df = pd.DataFrame({'employee_id': [1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 3],
                    'employee_name': ['Carlos', 'Carlos', 'Dan', 'Samuel', 'Samuel', 'Samuel'],
                    'sales': [4, 1, 3, 2, 5, 3],})
# view DataFrame

The output should be the following:

    employee_id     employee_name  sales
0            1        Carlos        4
1            1        Carlos        1
2            2           Dan        3
3            3        Samuel        2
4            3        Samuel        5
5            3        Samuel        3

Solution 1: Using groupby and aggregate

One way to combine multiple rows into a single row is to use the groupby function to group the DataFrame by the id column and then use the aggregate function to apply an aggregation function to each group.

#define how to aggregate various fields
agg_functions = {'employee_name': 'first', 'sales': 'sum', }

#create new DataFrame by combining rows with same id values
df_new = df.groupby(df['employee_id']).aggregate(agg_functions)

#Display the new data frame

Now the new dataFrame should look like this:

employee_id     employee_name  sales              
1                  Carlos      5
2                     Dan      3
3                  Samuel     10

The new DataFrame combined all of the rows in the previous DataFrame that had the same value in the employee_id and employee_name column and then calculated the sum of the values in the sales column.


In this article, we have explored how to combine multiple rows into a single row using pandas. By understanding these techniques, you can efficiently manipulate and analyze data in pandas, and be better equipped to tackle real-world data science and engineering challenges.

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