Why Not SageMaker?

Configuring SageMaker is Hard

"I was on the phone with AWS support for 8 hours trying to setup Amazon SageMaker"
Imagine a world where your environments are reproducible and shareable, You can deploy those environments to prod, and you can use any IDE you want. Even Jupyter.
Quick access to the right resources at the click of a button
Admin tools to help you manage costs and ensure security
Highly reproducible so data scientists can share and work together

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SageMaker is Not Flexible


SageMaker maxes out at 768 GB of RAM and 96 vCPUs per instance for large-sized instances.

The SageMaker Environment

SageMaker automatically updates environments which can trigger incompatibilities in your code. In addition, you need to squeeze any installation and compilation steps into the 5 minute limit.


SageMaker has no native SSH support. You're going to need to setup a bastion, *and* configure your tools to use it.

Vendor Lock In

Users are strongly encouraged to utilize AWS internal libraries. Departing from the SageMaker ecosystem, the code they wrote, using the AWS libraries, may become obsolete, resulting in re-work and lost efficiency.

Saturn Cloud Is Super Flexible

Scalable Hardware

Incredible resources with high RAM and compute, GPUs, and distributed Dask clusters available.

Reproducible Environments

Highly reproducible so data scientists can share and work together. If it ran yesterday, it will run today. Saturn Cloud lets you bring your own Docker image or build them yourself in our UI.

SSH Connections

Saturn Cloud supports SSH out of the box. We proxy SSH connections to instances securely.

No Vendor Lock-in

Everything we manage is backed by docker containers and git repositories. You can always take your containers and repositories, and deploy them elsewhere.

Saturn Cloud Hosted Free

Your account starts on the Hosted Free plan with 10 hours of GPU Jupyter and 3 hours of Dask per month

Saturn Cloud Hosted Pro

Upgrade to Hosted Pro to unlock more resources without having to migrate

Saturn Cloud Enterprise

Contact us to set up Saturn Cloud Enterprise within your own organization