JupyterHub is great

Maintaining Data Science Infrastructure is Terrible

"Before Saturn Cloud, I wasted a ton of time trying to manage my team's JupyterHub. What began as a fun little project quickly turned into a maintenance nightmare. Saturn Cloud eliminated all the hassle."
Imagine a world where your environments are reproducible and shareable, You can deploy those environments to prod, and you can use any IDE you want. Even Jupyter.
Quick access to the right resources at the click of a button
Admin tools to help you manage costs and ensure security
Highly reproducible so data scientists can share and work together

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Maintaining Your Own Platform Goes from Fun to Burden Quickly

A single powerful server - a single point of failure

Most teams start out by spinning up a beefy server. This is fine, until an important job gets killed at the 18th hour because someone tried to load the entire dataset and you ran out of memory.

Just use EC2 - chaotic and inconsistent

You hand out EC2 access. Everyone does their own thing, and no one can run anyone else's work. One data scientist gets lax with the security of their Jupyter, and their instance (along with all of your data) has been exposed on the open internet.

Kubernetes - complex edge cases

Kubernetes is amazing. You've got the cluster running, but every time a data scientist uses up all the memory, kubelet dies, and you can no longer shut down the instance.

Any solution - vulnerable when your maintainer quits

Your entire stack is maintained by your favorite engineer. When they unexpectedly quit no one knows how to make any changes (or where the SSH keys are).

Build Flexibly on Saturn Cloud to Fit Your Use Cases

Scalable Hardware

Incredible resources with high RAM and compute, GPUs, and distributed Dask clusters available.

Reproducible Environments

Highly reproducible so data scientists can share and work together. If it ran yesterday, it will run today.


Kubernetes is amazing. We tune, manage, and keep your cluster secure so that everything just works.

Robust Support

None of your engineers should be data science tech support. We help users install packages and leverage Dask clusters. We're just a chat message away.

Saturn Cloud Hosted Free

Your account starts on the Hosted Free plan with 10 hours of GPU Jupyter and 3 hours of Dask per month

Saturn Cloud Hosted Pro

Upgrade to Hosted Pro to unlock more resources without having to migrate

Saturn Cloud Enterprise

Contact us to set up Saturn Cloud Enterprise within your own organization