Saturn Cloud

The fully managed DS/ML/AI platform.

Saturn Cloud is a data science workspace fully managed in your AWS account or hosted by us. Work in the cloud with any IDE, including Jupyter and the R IDE. Scale like you never knew was possible. Collaborate with teams. Run jobs, deployments, build dashboards and more.

Comparing Saturn Cloud and JupyterHub

Platform Features

Saturn Cloud


Care and Feeding

Set Up

With Saturn Cloud you can start coding in minutes. Or install it into your AWS account, fully automated from the AWS marketplaceComplex installation, requiring understanding of IAM, Kubernetes and VPCs


Saturn Cloud is fully managed. Updates are rolled out automaticallyYou are responsible for keeping all services running, updating Kubernetes versions, and applying security patches

Tools & Workflow Flexibility


Versatile with built-in JupyterLab and R as well as easy SSH access which allows use of PyCharm and VS CodeDoes not natively support SSH connections. R is only supported via the Jupyter R kernel


Vertically scalable with arbitrary instance types, and horizontally scalable with Dask clustersNo horizontal scalability


Saturn Cloud supports deployments for hosting models, dashboards and APIs, as well as scheduled jobs.None


Free Access

Users have free access to GPU-based instances as well as Dask clusters. For as many months as users want, they have 30 hours per month of either 8 CPUs and 64GB RAM or 4 CPUs and a GPU. No credit card is required.None

Paid Access

Saturn Cloud hosted or deployed in your AWS account is available with pay as you go pricing.Users are responsible for underlying EC2 as well as EKS fees paid to AWS.

Want an easier alternative to setting up JupyterHub?
Choose Saturn Cloud.