Saturn cloud

An Alternative to Databricks

Saturn Cloud offers a more low-cost infrastructure for scaling, collaborating, and optimizing resource management. Jump into a fully-managed environment and start training your model in seconds.

Comparing Saturn Cloud and Databricks

Saturn Cloud provides a data science platform that is more configurable and more interoperable than Databricks.

Platform Features

Saturn Cloud


Ease of Use
Saturn Cloud prioritizes ease of use while still allowing data scientist and teams access to large-scale computing resources.Databricks prioritizes processing large data first and ease of use second.
Interactive Environment
Users employ JupyterLab and R, or they can SSH into their preferred IDE, meaning they can replicate their local environment.Users work in a custom interactive notebook environment, with the limitations inherent to custom solutions.
Tools & Workflow Flexibility
Users can install almost any library or package by utilizing pip, apt, conda, or a start script–minimizing dependency issues and maximizing flexibility.Users utilize the custom workplace library system to install packages, the complexity of which could lead to dependency and runtime problems.
Git Repositories
Full git functionalityLimited git functionality (i.e., one branch)
Scalability & Performance
Instance Types
Saturn Cloud’s upper range is 4 TB and 128 vCPUs, so users can run bigger workloads that require instances of these sizes.Databricks maxes out at 768 GB of RAM and 96 vCPUs per instance for large-sized instances.
Distributed Computing
Users can employ Dask clusters, which, for Python users, can not only be easier to debug and control but also be faster.Users must employ Spark clusters with interface layers to their preferred languages, which can be more difficult to debug and can potentially be slower for some use cases.

Leading Companies Choose Saturn Cloud

Nestle Vital Proteins
Mount Sinai
Custom Ink
Mercury Insurance
Flatiron School
Broad Institute
Glean AI
Advent Health
Hi Bio
SM Energy
Maze Therapeutics
Stanford University

Teams love Saturn Cloud

Don't take our word for it. See how Saturn Cloud helps teams get things done efficiently.
  • Saturn makes it easy for our analysts to spin up Jupyter servers of any type on demand. The flexibility in being able to define custom docker images, startup scripts, etc. is phenomenal. I love the integration with Prefect Cloud, as it lets us seamlessly run our data ingestion pipeline using the same code and in the same environment as our analysts do their work.
  • Saturn Cloud makes my work so much easier. When I sit down at the beginning of the day, I just want my environment to work. I want my favorite packages installed and available on demand. I want it to be easy to scale my workspace and have it shut down automatically when I'm done. Saturn Cloud solves all of that. Their customer service is also top-notch.
  • We had a portfolio backtest taking nearly 20 minutes to run before the team at Saturn Cloud took a look at it. Between advising us on our code and dispersing the work across parallel processing via Dask, this backtest was completed at a rate several hundred times faster, taking only a few seconds to execute.
  • Taking runtime down from 60 days to 11 hours is such an incredible improvement. We are able to fit in many more iterations on our models. This has a significant positive impact on the effectiveness of our product, which takes many iterations to perform at the standard necessary for our customers.
Flexible pricing for every data scientist, team, and company.


The essentials for individual data scientists
  • Resources with 64GB RAM or a GPU
  • Use JupyterLab, RStudio, and Dask
  • Upgrade to a paid account for:
    • Deployments and jobs
    • Up to 4TB of RAM and 8 GPUs
    • Pay as you go pricing

Hosted Organizations

Collaboration tools on our cloud environment
  • Share resources between users on a team
  • Create group-owned resources
  • Use admin tools to monitor and control usage


Install Saturn Cloud into your own AWS account
  • Installs into your AWS account from the AWS Marketplace
  • Advanced security: SSO and installation into custom VPCs and private subnets available
  • Dedicated technical support

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With our open cloud environment, data scientists can work according to their unique business workflows, priorities, and needs, just as if they were working in their local environments. To learn more about the differences between Saturn Cloud and Databricks, check out our comparison whitepaper.