Start Using Saturn Cloud in 10 Minutes or Less

A how-to guide to quickly get started using Saturn Cloud

Welcome! Getting up and running on Saturn Cloud is really fast and easy.

Sign Up

  1. Sign up online by visiting, clicking “Start for Free”, and following the instructions. If you have any struggles, we have a full tutorial.

Screenshot of signup page indicating github, google, or email options

Create a Project

  1. Create a project in your new account by clicking “Projects” from the lefthand menu, and selecting a “Quick Start” card. (We recommend that you start with one of our Quick Start projects, which will guide you through a full workflow from start to finish.) If anything gets confusing, visit the complete guide.
Screenshot of project page showing quick start cards

From there, you are ready to run code!

Get to Work!

  1. With a Quick Start project, you can get to work immediately. The RAPIDS quick start, for example, lets you run GPU-accelerated data science code to process data and train machine learning models. In this tutorial, you get all the instructions to train a RAPIDS model on Saturn Cloud from start to finish.
Screenshot of card in project for Jupyter server, with red arrow pointing to the green 'start' button

From inside your project, click the green arrow on the card to start the resource and begin working!

Next up…

After you’ve seen how much Saturn Cloud can increase your productivity, you can choose your own adventure and follow our other tutorials and documents to create more complex projects!

If you want to try other machine learning workflows, select a different Quick-Start card to try something else!

If you want to connect to external data sources…

If you want to use your own IDE instead of Jupyter…

If you want to learn more about parallelization in Python…

If you want to start using a Dask cluster…

And there’s much more!

Need help, or have more questions? Contact us at:

We'll be happy to help you and answer your questions!