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Create your Saturn Cloud account


If you are new to Saturn, we invite you to sign up for our hosted product and see what we have to offer. This process will take only a few minutes, and requires no installation, payment, or downloads.

Start the Process

First, visit our website at You’ll see a few buttons that let you sign up - click any of these!

Screenshot of Saturn Cloud homepage with arrows pointing to Start for Free buttons

After you click, you’ll be taken to our signup page. Here, you can either choose to sign up with your Google or Github accounts, or you can sign up with your email.

Screenshot of Saturn Cloud signup form showing google, github, or email choices

Google or Github

If you choose Github or Google, you’ll be directed to authorize Saturn Cloud’s service, and you’ll be logged in to your new account in moments! You’re ready to start using Saturn Cloud, and we recommend you create a resource!


If you choose email, you’ll have to give us your name and email, and choose a username. Then, you’ll be directed to this page.

Screenshot of Saturn Cloud redirect page when email option is filled out, which says 'You're All Set'

You’ll get an email that instructs you how to set your password, and you’ll be ready to log in!

Screenshot of email received from Saturn Cloud for password reset, when email option signup is chosen

After you fill in your password, you will be automatically logged in. Don’t lose your password! Now, you’re ready to start using Saturn Cloud. Next, we recommend you create a resource!

Need help, or have more questions? Contact us at:

We'll be happy to help you and answer your questions!