Managing access to Saturn Cloud Enterprise

Managing who has access to Saturn Cloud Enterprise

After Saturn Cloud Enterprise has been installed, you can manage who can log into the tool.

Inviting new users

Anyone who can log into Saturn Cloud Enterprise can invite other members of their organization to use the tool as well, however only admins can approve these requests.

To invite a person, you can either select the “Invite a New User” button from the left hand menu, or you can select that button at the top right corner of the Users page.

Screenshot of Saturn Cloud side menu with Users highlighted Screenshot of Saturn Cloud Users page, showing Invite New User at top right

From here, you fill in the name and email of the new team member, as well as your own name (so the new team member knows who sent the invitation).

Screenshot of Saturn Cloud Create Invitation form

Click “Create”, and the invitation will be sent to an Admin to approve the request. Upon Admin approval, the invitation will be emailed to the new user.

Accept or deny pending invitations (admin only)

From the “Users” page, found in the left side menu, you can accept or deny pending invitations before they are sent out. All invitations not sent by Admins must be approved or denied.

Screenshot of Saturn Cloud Users page showing an invitation at top, with the admin options circled in red

Removing access for users (admin only)

If you would no longer want someone to have access to Saturn Cloud, on the “Users” page an admin can edit a user to set their status to “Locked.”

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